Is the set up and operation of the ANDUMEDIC® 3 complicated?

Not at all. Ease of use and easy handling were particularly important when designing the ANDUMEDIC. Therefore it is quick to assemble and very easy to use.

Can I do something wrong?

No, the medical programmes do not have a negative effect on the body, and a faulty operation is virtually impossible.

How often should I use ANDUMEDIC® 3?

Regular use is desired to promote a better effect. As required, the applications can also be performed several times a day. 

How long does a session on ANDUMEDIC take?

The various application programmes take between 15 and 30 minutes. You can also customise the application to suit your needs.

Is the ANDUMEDIC® 3 suitable for children?

In principle the ANDUMEDIC is suitable for all age groups. It has also shown marked positive treatment effects in children.

How do I clean the ANDUMEDIC® 3?

The cover is made of high quality synthetic leather. It can be cleaned with neutral soap and water, and then dried with a soft clean cloth.

What is the energy consumption?

The maximum power consumption at the highest level is 80 watts. For an average duration of 15 minutes the power consumption per application is 20Wh.

Can I use ANDUMEDIC® 3 in any country?

The ANDUMEDIC can be operated in any country with a commercial network adapter. Changes to the device do not need to be made.

What should I do if something is broken?

In the event of a fault, the ANDUMEDIC will be collected free of charge from you. The inspection and repair of the defect is carried out by specialists in our technical department. If, contrary to expectations, a technical defect should occur, please contact us by email: [email protected]

What about electrosmog?

The ANDUMEDIC is a class A2 approved medical device that is tested for electromagnetic compatibility. Negative effects on the human body due to electrosmog are therefore excluded.

What do I place the ANDUMEDIC® 3 on?

For optimal effect choose a flat surface, for example your bed or even the floor.

Where is the ANDUMEDIC® 3 manufactured?

In order to guarantee the high quality standard of hhp products, we produce exclusively in Germany.

How long is the guarantee for ANDUMEDIC® 3?

The warranty is for two years from the date of purchase. If you have a warranty extension the warranty is for five years from the date of purchase.

How long is the delivery time for ANDUMEDIC® 3?

In general the ANDUMEDIC can be delivered within three working days.

Have any further questions?

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