Who are we?

We’re a unique company dedicated to self-care.

We’re committed to this cause because we believe that the way we take care of our health is currently going through a fundamental change. Indeed, lifestyle-related diseases such as stress, burnout, obesity and cardiovascular pathologies are placing additional pressure on healthcare systems. This situation will prove unsustainable for our modern healthcare systems.

Our sole ambition therefore is to help people to help themselves in their efforts to take care of their health and live more healthy lifestyles. In fact, we’ve already helped over 85,000 people increase their mobility and improve the quality of their lives.

At the very heart of our activities lies a unique technology developed thirteen years ago. Andullation® is the result of important developments made in the field of Biophysics. These have allowed remarkable progress in the treatment of diseases and ailments, and Andullation® is increasingly being used to serve everyday needs. The benefits of Andullation® are many, and can be used in fields as diverse as pain relief, physical performance and recuperation, and weight control, to name but a few.

We’re also a company with unique values; ones we share with our partner physicians and physiotherapists.

We’ve worked hard to establish strong and ongoing relationships with health professionals which are built on trust, and are based on the high-quality scientific research that Andullation® has been subject to over the years, as well as the remarkable impact and results our technology has delivered.

With our unique range of products and added-value services, we’ve already become a major player in the self-care arena, and look forward to helping many more individuals to improve their daily health and wellbeing.