The paradox of our time

We live in an era of remarkable technological advances in many fields. In industrialized countries, health standards have improved to such an extent that predictions predict an increase in life expectancy over the coming decades. The attainment of the mature age of one hundred years will then be no exception, but the norm.

Despite a higher standard of living, the number of easy disabilities and chronic illnesses shows a strong and alarming increase. Many of these lifestyle-related diseases, such as stress, burnout, overweight, and cardiovascular disease, present an additional challenge to our health care system. In the long term, the current health system will not be sustainable. That's why hhp was founded - we show the healthcare system from a different perspective and, in doing so, provide innovative solutions to the problems of our customers.

Our vision and mission

hhp is a company like no other. In fact, we are more than one company. We are a philosophy that has tens of thousands of convinced users across Europe. We believe that the way we do something for our health is currently undergoing a fundamental change. And we are not alone with this conviction.

At the heart of all our actions is the desire and ambition to help people improve the quality of their lives. From the very first launch of our company, our core goal at hhp was helping people help themselves - with their own health care and a healthier lifestyle. Our vision is as simple as it is sophisticated: to make self-care available to everyone.

That's why we present ourselves as self-care companies. We have the mission to strengthen people with new hope and confidence. This is achieved through products, information and services that make it easier for us to deal with minor or chronic complaints. A network of health specialists is there to help.

Our partners in practical use

What we do would not be possible without the close relationships and partnerships that we have over the years with physiotherapists, general practitioners and other medical professionals - especially those in the sports sector.

These professionals have gained confidence in our products and services they use to provide their patients with better care and a higher level of service. This is especially the case when started treatments can be conveniently carried out by our patients at home thanks to our products. This in turn facilitates the regular treatment of long-term complaints.

The importance of self-care In European regions (%)

Source: The Epposi Barometer -
Consumer Perceptions of Self-care in Europe -
Quantitative Study 2013

The selfcare principle

We believe the days are over when we citizens were simply passive beneficiaries of health care. In our vision, we all play a more active role in caring for our own health - through the daily selection of exercise, diet and self-medication.

Self-care is about the fact that individual members of society themselves take measures to reduce symptoms; In order to better manage diseases and complaints, while improving their general health and quality of life. The self-care concept is gaining more and more acceptance in Europe - nine out of ten consumers consider it an important part of the prevention of mild and chronic ailments and diseases.


Research and clinical trials

Clinical trials are conducted throughout Europe at various clinics and sports centers. We perform research "in vitro" and "in vivo" to develop innovative methods based on Andullation®s technology. We do this with the support of the International Association for Andullation® Technology (IAAT), which initiates, coordinates and monitors these activities.

In addition, over the years, we have established strong partnerships with various associations that have committed themselves to tackle a variety of diseases and chronic ailments. We are continually inviting these partner organizations to try out our products and to test Andullation®s technology.

Add a smile to your life

A technology based on
remarkable advances in biophysics

Andullation® is a technology that results directly from the great advances achieved in the field of biophysics. Biophysics involves physics, chemistry and mathematics to understand health in the sense of preventing disease development and to invent new innovative procedures. In simple terms, biophysics is a combination of biology and physics.

This interdisciplinary science is a source of innovation that has made remarkable advances in the treatment of diseases. It was the science of biophysics, which revealed the DNA structure in 1953; And about them came imaging procedures, pacemakers, heart defibrillators, kidney dialysis and radiotherapy as well as many other revolutionary medical technologies.

Andullation® is the result of biophysical research, based on the principles of physics and the mechanisms of biology. Andullation®s technology is the combination of mechanical vibration and infrared deep heat. Its aim is to stimulate metabolism and to increase regeneration processes.

hhp intends to play a growing role in the development of products and services in this research area. In addition, we want to provide access to these products and services in order to provide people with means to take care of themselves and bring them a smile back into life.