Active principles of andullation

Andullation is characterized by different active principles. These active principles are essential for the positive effect on our body and the promotion of our health.

The active principles of andullation at a glance:

Principle 1: Energy production in the cell
In the course of time, our cells lose energy, which is important for the maintenance of our organs. This is due to various influences such as the aging process, the diet and the environmental influences. This energy is returned by andullation and has a positive effect on our health.

Principle 2: Overlay of pain signals
Andullation has a pain-relieving effect, which can help us to relieve acute and chronic pain. In the first instance by the positive signal superimposition of negative impulses and in the second by the release of endorphins.

Principle 3: Stimulation of blood circulation
Our blood is set in motion by andullation. As a result, the required nutrients are transported to our organs more quickly, as the blood corpuscles are separated from one another and do not clump together.

Principle 4: Initiation of the relaxation mechanisms
Muscle tensions are solved by better muscular circulation and the vegetative nervous system is balanced by the transmission of calming signals. Thus, andullation allows physical and mental relaxation.

Principle 5: Stimulation of the lymph flow
As a result of andullation, the lymph system is stimulated, which in turn allows the transport of larger nutrients, but is primarily responsible for the disposal of pathogens. This allows for a more stable immune system.

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