Unique product launch

With the ANDUMEDIC® 3 Home, a new generation of medical products is launched, which can be integrated into daily life and which promotes health sustainably.

The ANDUMEDIC® 3 medical device, which has been tested by TÜV, has been made accessible for home use with the unique product introduction of ANDUMEDIC® 3 Home. The ANDUMEDIC® 3 was designed and developed exclusively for clinical use. As part of the self-care principle, however, we have managed to bring the ANDUMEDIC® 3 Home to the market and give people the opportunity to integrate the asullation into the living day and make it usable from home. This allows people to take care of their own health and to make health more healthy. With the combination of infrared deep heat and mechanical vibration, the andullation provides for pain relief, performance and wellness in its own four walls and can be adapted to individual needs. The increase in quality of life and the promotion of health are always the first priority for hhp and are the motive for the continuous further development of the products and the extensive research.

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