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Andullation is applied via the certified medical product ANDUMEDIC® 3 Home, with integrated vibration motors and infrared depth radars. The ANDUMEDIC® 3 Home has been developed in close collaboration with scientists, university hospitals and doctors.

For more than a decade, it has been used by a large number of people at home to independently provide pain relief, regeneration and wellness - according to the self-care principle. The technology is unique and combines the positive effect of mechanical vibration and infrared deep heat.

A patent application has been filed (IR mark: 952 884)

Your advantages

  • Pain relief on a natural basis
  • 6 basic and 14 medical programmes
  • Recovery after physical exertion
  • Relaxation for body and mind
  • Wellness for the whole body
  • Promotes vitality through new energy

ANDUMEDIC® 3 Home - The components at a glance

The ANDUMEDIC® 3 Home is used for the three areas: pain relief, regeneration and wellness. It can have a noticeable pain relief in many complaints. After sports or physical exertion, it regenerates the body and mind, improving conductive ability. The ANDUMEDIC® 3 Home can also be used for aging process by stimulating natural collagen production.

The promotion of health and the improvement of quality of life are always the first priority for hhp and are the basis for extensive research and ongoing further development of products. We want to give people the opportunity to take control of and self-manage their own health and well-being.

The perfectly matched components
of ANDUMEDIC® 3 Home

  • Infrared neck cushion

    The two infrared heaters have a beneficial effect on muscle tension in the neck area.

  • Infrared back cushion

    The flexible and portable infrared back cushion provides three heat settings and the addition of "Vibrant Light". This promotes pain relief in the back.

  • Belt-Andullator

    With two additional motors, the belt-andullator intensifies the impulses on the abdomen and trunk. The soothing vibrations penetrate deep into the body.

  • Infrared foot reflex pads

    Through the targeted stimulation of the foot reflex zones, the associated organs and the body tissue can act.

For ANDUMEDIC® 3 Home you just need a total of 2sqm of floor space!

Pain relief after 15 min.


The medical device with integrated andullation technology for Home users

The application of the andullation technology is carried out by 21 vibration motors that produce mechanical vibration, and 6 infrared emitters for the delivery of the deep infrared heat.

The vibration motors

The mechanical vibrations are generated by 21 vibration motors that are aligned with specific points of the human body. The nerves under the skin receive these vibrations via receptors and result in triggering electrical currents. These currents act internally on the body to generate the desired effects.

  • 15 integrated
    vibration motors in the system

    The arrangement of the vibration motors ensures a uniform distribution of vibration in the body.

  • 4 integrated vibration motors
    in Power-An­dull­la­tor

    The additional vibration motors increase the effect on the legs.

  • 2 integrated vibration motors in Belt An­dul­la­tor

    Two additional vibration motors provide intense impulses to the abdomen and trunk.

Deep infrared radiators

Infrared deep heat is a proven therapeutic modality. The 6 infrared emitters ensure that the mechanical vibrations can penetrate even more easily into the tissue and thus achieve more effect. The pleasant heat is generated by means of short-wave infrared deep-beam (IRA) radiation in the wavelength range from 780 to 1400 nm. This heat can favor healing process, as blood flow increases in the blood vessels and the resulting nutrient supply to the cell tissue is stimulated. In addition, the infrared heat results in relaxation of the more deeply seated and the more painful tense muscles. Especially in the case of inflammation infrared deep heat can improve the condition through an improved blood circulation and other important substances.

ANDUMEDIC® 3 Home manual operation:
Pain relief, regeneration and wellness

The most popular programmes:

The ANDUMEDIC® 3 Home has a total of 6 basic and 14 medical programs. The intensity levels of the vibration motors and the infrared depth emitters are pre-set. The intensity can be individually controlled and deactivated within each program.

Programme 2

Pleasant for muscles and back

The combination of infrared deep heat and vibration helps to loosen deep muscle tension. Application in the back area promotes physical well-being as well.

Programme 3

For deacidification and detoxification

Program 3 stimulates lymph flow and stimulates detoxification and deacidification. Venous reflux is promoted and the connective tissue is strengthened.

Programme 6

Stimulation of the foot reflex zones

The foot reflex zones are related to our organs. The whole body is stimulated by massage of the individual points of the feet.

Programme 8

For chronic back pain

The program relaxes painfully tense muscles in the lumbar region and in the case of sciatica and supports the relief of chronic pain by releasing endorphins.

Programme 10

For pain caused by arthritis, rheumatism, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis

Program 10 can help alleviate joint pain in arthritis or rheumatism. Its application in the morning can help reduce morning pain and stiffness.

Programme 15

For pain caused by fibromyalgia

With mechanisms described above and additional stimulus overlay, program 15 can help reduce pain and cramps in Fibromyalgia. In addition, endorphins are released in the body which contribute to pain relief.

Programme 16

For complaints of circulatory disorders

Program 16 helps dilate blood vessels through the combination of heat and vibration and stimulates blood flow in the region it is applied in.

Programme 18

For balanced sleep and stress relief

The right frequency promotes deep relaxation which along its effect on muscles and nerves promote and ATP generation results in a healthy sleep-wake rhythm.

Optional accessories:
The plus for your health

The Belt-Andullator:

For an even more effective application

The stabilizing belt-andullator contributes to an even more effective effect on your body due to the multi-directional impulses. Two additional andullators provide an extended range of applications. All in all a practical matter.

The Power-Andullator:

For stable storage

The Power-Andullator stabilises the legs during its use. The body lies in the optimal heart-balance position by the higher leg position, in order to relax and improve cardiovascular circulation.

The premium undercarriage:

For comfortable use

The matching premium massage table (not included with the andulation device) provides a secure base due to its 6 stable legs made of stainless steel. The material of the surface is of high quality. This accessory makes the daily use of the Andullation easier and offers additional comfort and relaxation.

Extras for a perfect recreation experience.

The hhp wellness blanket intensifies the soothing and warming feeling during andullation.
The hhp bag for the comfortable transport of the ANDUMEDIC ® 3 Home

21 Dimensions: 115 x 70 x 50 cm, weight including ANDUMEDIC ® 3 Home: 21 Kg
The hhp Four Elements Meditation CD set including cooling mask. Turn off and leave everyday life behind you.
Our high-quality tea provides the perfect supplement to your application and gives you holistic wellbeing. For an optimal start into the day and a gentle ending in the evening.

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