Pro­duct De­tails

The comfortable horse blanket is a treat for your horse. In equestrian sports, horses are sometimes pushed to the limit - a relaxing compensation for that physical stress is very important. The ANDUVET is used to warm up and relax the muscles before and after exercise. It can also be used to help relieve pain.

  • Combination of stochastic vibration therapy and infrared deep heat
  • Quality made in Germany
  • Breathable material
  • Easy to use

Relaxation and regeneration at the touch of a button

What has been proven in humans can also help an animal. The working of our horse blanket is based on the same principles as the ANDUMEDIC®3 and works with stochastic resonances to counteract the habituation effect. The use of mechanical vibrations has long been a proven principle in the field of physiotherapeutic treatments.

The ANDUVET has 18 integrated vibration motors that transmit a uniform vibration to the body. Three different programs and intensity levels ensure an optimal and individually adjustable application.

War­ming ipRelaxing and revitalizing
Mas­sa­geRelieves pain
RelaxationRelaxing effects after a competition

Long-term effect

The muscles and the tissue of the horse are better supplied with blood and are loosened. The ANDUVET ensures optimal and deep relaxation and helps to relieve the horse’s pain.


Our goal: to achieve the best for your animal

The positive influence of mechanical vibrations on the human body has been repeatedly studied and confirmed. Other creatures, however, such as animals benefit from the soothing effect. Learn here which observations could be made when using our products.

Both riders and veterinarians contributed to the development of the ANDUVET and shared their entire experience. The veterinarian of the German dressage and jumping equestrian team, Doctor Björn Nolting, played a very important role in the development of the product. The ANDUVET is successfully used by veterinarians, in equine clinics and in professional equestrian sports.

“Made in Germany” ensures highest quality label

How do I apply the ANDUVET to my horse?

In order to get the best results, it is important that the horse blanket fits tightly to the horse’s body and that the body heat can be reflected. The more body heat the horse produces, the stronger the effect. With 18 vibrating motors the ANDUVET works in all main muscle groups - from the neck over the shoulder, the back, the croup to the hind muscle.


I just want the best for my animal!

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